Mommy Diaries: Part V

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Mommy Diaries: Part V



Mommy Diaries Part V- A BREAK!

As my husbands birthday on April 4th approached, he “asked” me if I minded that he go to “camp” that weekend with his buddies. I said I didn’t mind because my mom was still going to be here so she and I could handle the baby. I really wouldn’t have minded if I would have been alone for the weekend with Quinn, but having my mom on hand made “saying yes” a LOT easier!

To my surprise, my mom asked Scott and I if, on that April 4th weekend, she could take Quinlan to Massachusetts to stay at my grandparents house where he would get all kinds of love. This is my Grandma and Grandpa Quinlan, after which our son is named. Scott and I didn’t have to think too hard before we said “GO AHEAD!”

Adding some icing on this cake, Scott told me he would be taking the dog with him. This meant one thing.

48 hours ALONE!!!! Me and the cat, to be exact. I haven’t had more than an hour or two of ALONE time since like half an hour before my water broke- seriously.

After Friday morning mayhem on the 4th of packing up a baby for a weekend away (yes, they require a weeks worth of goods), saying goodbye to my baby, husband, mother, and dog, that was it- I was alone.

After work I headed to the bookstore and bought “The Letters of John and Abigail Adams.” I am obsessed with the “John Adams” miniseries on HBO (that reminds me I must “on demand” this past Sunday’s installment) and I headed to Mr. Mike’s for a lovely dinner, alone.

For those of you out of the loop, Mr. Mike’s is a pizza and Italian restaurant I’ve worked at on weekends off and on since 2005.

For those of you further out of the loop, it’s absolutely OK to eat alone. In fact, I encourage it. I slowly and purposely drank my glass of La Playa Merlot (I don’t usually like merlot, but that kind is good), ate my eggplant parmesan (the first time I’ve had it at Mr. Mike’s in the 3 years I’ve worked there) and read my book.

Then, it hit me- What the HELL did I do with all of my time before?! How, in 24 hours time, could I have squeezed in raising a human being?! I let that thought race through my head for a few more seconds before taking another long, slow, warm sip of my merlot.

I said goodbye to my friends at the restaurant and headed home to do some laundry. No lie. Our new washer and dryer came after the old unit broke and it made me feel accomplished to get a few loads done before heading to watch a movie with our friends Tracy and Meghan. I’ll blog about the angelic nature of my absolute savior Meghan later.

What did I do as we were settling in to watch the movie at their house? PASS OUT. I mean down for the count, I woke up when the movie was over. Oh well, after 9 weeks of intermittent sleep, what did anyone expect?

I went home around midnight and slept until 11:30 Saturday morning. Well, I woke up around 8:30 to pump but that’s a story for another day. Don’t let me forget to blog about “Baby feeding: breast, bottle, both, neither?”

Anyway. Saturday was filled with coffee, 50 degree sunny weather in this frozen tundra, a run, and, thanks to my savior Meghan, a free massage. A whole hour of pure indulgence, followed by dinner of a buffalo chicken wrap and a cosmopolitan…mmmmmmmm cosmopolitans with raspberry vodka should be the national drink or something.

Sunday afternoon was approaching and the orange rind on my carriage was starting to show.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my 48 or so hours as a bachelorette, I desperately missed my husband, my son, and obviously my mother 🙂 Sure, it was nice to sleep when and how long I wanted to. It was nice to come and go as I pleased, just picking up the keys and walking out the door. It was nice to spend as long as I wanted without worrying about feeding times, changing times, nap times, or when Scott was coming or going from work. While all that was nice- it was much nicer knowing I am someones wife and mother. All the free time and extra sleep in the world doesn’t compare to the smiling face of my son being carried through the door or the warm embrace of my loving (albeit smelly after camp for the weekend) husband.

Yes. I love my life. Both of them 🙂 And, I hope I don’t go too long before I get to hang out with bachelorette Andrea again- she’s a wacko.



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  1. Denali014 says:

    I love you! And your family…and I think you’re right, alone time is so nice, but it’s even nicer to know that someone loves you and that you have created, quite possibly, the most handsome-est little man EVER! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you, I’ll be home Monday.


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