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Mommy Diaries on the road



Hi everyone!

Scott, Quinlan, and I have come to Belchertown for the weekend to visit with family and retreat to some nice Fall weather before winter sets in in Lake Placid-yick!

I was just thinking today as I was watching Quinn sleep: I wonder if any baby in the entire world has ever been loved as much as Quinn is.

Let me back up.

We spent this evening at my grandparents house, and it was my aunt’s birthday yesterday so we had a nice dinner and a cake. My grandmother made a great ziti-like cassarole and we had wings from the Hangar (which is the same company as “Wings over Ithaca” for those who have had the pleasure).

Either way, we were all sitting at dinner and I took a minute to pause and realize how lucky we all at the table were to be able to eat with 4 generations. My grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my brother and cousins and, of course, my son.

All eyes were on Quinn, of course, whose laughter filled the room and I couldn’t think of a better sound. That’s when it struck me- love.

There have surely been many dinners and many birthday cakes over the years where the family has focused on the newest addition to the family. Certainly I remember especially when my twin cousins were born-as they were severely premature and clung to life at just over 2 pounds. I remember just ADORING them and thinking nothing in life could be so wonderful.

Enter-Quinn. Something in life can be MORE wonderful (to me).

So, I know there have been babies as loved as he is, but certainly not more 😉 And, it makes me happy to know that generations from now my family, some of whom I will never meet, will sit around a meal and a birthday cake listening to the soul-filling laughter of their newest addition in awe, wondering if there’s ever been a baby so loved.

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