Three Months…Whaaaaaat?

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Three Months…Whaaaaaat?



Faithful readers I do apologize.
During my pregnancy I was so looking forward to blogging my way through this journey, starting with the first week home from the hospital.
I envisioned a half hour a day spent to updating you on everything from Day One on…..That vision was presented by a pregnant woman drunk on pregnancy hormones.
Looking back on the last 15 weeks how the HELL did I think I would have time to connect with all of you? Let me do a nice retrospective for all of you…if I can remember that far back.

* We came home from the hospital the Saturday after the twins were born (I often try to type Paige and Aiden to acknowledge their individuality, but for now “the twins” is just going to have to do.) I’m glad we had an extra day in the hospital because that day they really got the hang of nursing and I was fully confident in my ability to feed them all by myself 🙂

*As per the two “get ready for twin” baby books I read, we decided that overnight, when one ate, the other would eat. This is in an effort to get them synched………..(insert overly sarcastic pushhaw). I must say that for the first 8 or so weeks, this really did serve a decent purpose.

*However, let me let you peek in to the window of our second night home from the
hospital…otherwise known in this house as “the night all hell broke loose.” As I nurse the babies, Scott was helpful in bringing the babies to me in the middle of the night after changing their diapers, and he’d then put them back in the crib (which was right next to our bed). Well. The second night home was when the babies decided they wanted to cluster feed THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I was in tears through the babies’ cries. Feeding them at the same time didn’t seem to matter and only made it seem like we had 900 babies. We were up EVERY SINGLE HOUR..SOMETIMES TWICE IN AN HOUR…and it was SO frustrating because they would only eat for a few minutes, then fall asleep. Alas, Scott and I decided from that night forward, I would pump after the last feeding that took place after 8pm and we would bottle feed the babies breast milk (still emplyoing the one up, both up, mentality) and then I would go pump to prepare for the next feeding. As my body was in overdrive milk production, these middle of the night pumpings produced SO much milk that I still have milk in the freezer right now lol. Like over 100 ounces.
…I can’t type any more about it- it exhausts me thinking about “THAT NIGHT” lol

I didn’t realize how long it would take to reopen that painful wound lol. So, I’ll wrap it up for now.
**MOMS** Please take from this story the fact that you MUST do what works for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY….I can tell you that I’m back to nursing them through the night but that’s because each of them only gets up once or twice at this point and they are awake for a lot less time when they’re on the boob then when they’re on the bottle and they fall asleep much faster. HOWEVER, I did NOT see that coming early on. So, again, do what works for you and remember that you are ALWAYS ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR MIND!

I’ll type tomorrow about Quinn’s adjustment, scheduling, not scheduling, tandem feeding, scheduling, Quinn don’t touch the babies, can someone get me some food, why do I own a mirror- or a scale for that matter…and other things that happened over the last 3 months.


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