5 months already…Schedule? What schedule?

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5 months already…Schedule? What schedule?



Gosh..Paige and Aiden are 5 months old and Quinn is 2…

Breastfeeding is still going great. The kids aren’t sleeping through the night on a regular basis at this point, but they only get up once or twice so I’m not that bummed. Nursing at night is the best. I stumble in to their room, get whoever needs to eat, and crash back in to bed- no extra staggering in to the kitchen to prepare a bottle- glad those days are over!

While IIIIIIIIIIII would prefer a schedule for the twins, they’re not so up for it. It’s not that we really need one as I’m a stay at home mom, but I figure for them it’d be good to know when they’re napping, etc. HOWEVER, that being said, they have gotten in to a groove within an hour, which is great! They wake up between 630-730 (their attitudes throughout the day are markedly better when they wake up at 730) then they eat, nap within 2 hours, and eat pretty much every 3 hours (occasionally 2.5). I suppose I can’t complain!

We’re slowly starting rice cereal with them. Aiden loves it and will take it whenever I offer. Paige needs to be in the mood, and even then she’s not all too impressed. Also, Paige and Aiden are rolling over…Well, Paige rolls all over the place, front to back and back to front..As of this writing, Aiden rolls on to his belly and immediately starts crying rather than rolling back over..it’s reminiscent of Quinn’s early days.

I can add another part to my blog now…WEIGHT LOSS. I’ve heard that for women who don’t typically lose weight during breastfeeding, between 4 months and 6 months it gets easier. Maybe it’s due to a change in milk production, babies needs, who knows..But in the last 2 weeks I’ve lost 4.6 pounds. I’m following the nursing mothers program with Weight Watchers (which gives me like 40 points a day) and I use the “extra” points if needed. It’s really good for me to follow WW because it helps me focus on getting whole grains and veggies which makes better milk anyway!

I feel a slight breath of fresh air as the “newborn” stage is WELL behind us…I need to savor this breath because it’s all going to go to hell again when the twins start crawling……………



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