Let’s freshen up.

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Let’s freshen up.



Dear readers…if there are any of you out there…
I realize that from January to April, I managed one or two posts a month, at most…There was not a single post in May…and this is likely to be the only one in June.

However, with a new blogging season approaching in my mind, I needed a new look. So, I’ve changed the template and hope to keep things fresh! Now I need to dig up some more pictures…

I was honestly really hoping to chronicle life with infant twins as it was happening. Funny thing though…I WAS TIRED! To all the moms of one or more babies that can Blog while in the throes of newborn hell, I salute you!

A week from Monday, Paige and Aiden will be NINE months old! I can’t believe it, I can almost say “they’re almost 1” AGH! Not a single time in my life has flown by faster than these past 9 months. I am still nursing the twins (now they are down to 3-4 nursing sessions a day), they’re eating all kinds of food of various consistencies, and they’re now in an official routine…which took roughly 6 months to mold..

My most recent struggles are with Quinlan…the witty 2 (almost 2 and a half) year old. Two crawling infants don’t hold a candle to the shenanigans hosted by Quinn. I’m really trying to stay patient and stay consistent. I ask the Lord daily for patience and a calm tone…Quinn is one of those kids that gets more worked up the more YOU get worked up, so shouting really does little…unless he’s about to touch fire or something.

I’m waiting for a miracle..a “suddenly” as Joyce Meyer puts it..in dealing with Quinn. However, little by little DO I see the “terrible two” phase leaving and he’s starting to just be a young pre-pre schooler. He’s inquisitive, is learning the alphabet, recognizing upper and lower case letters, counting to twelve (we add a new number on every few days lol), and the tantrums are getting fewer and further between…Just about in time for the twins to grow in to them I’m sure.

The twins are in that “latent” period that we’ll be in for some time where they’re still “baby cute” but are now “baby fun”…They’re in a routine, trying new things with movement and food daily, and it’s generally exciting…Then they’ll learn to talk and it’ll be all over with..hmph…

Anyway- now the kids all take a nap at the same time. For the twins it’s their second (of 2 or 3) naps a day, and for Quinn it’s his only (albeit long) nap. Everyone is down between 1200 and 1230 and the twins can usually make it till about 2 (they nap between 1.5 and 2 hours). Alas, I believe I will be able to blog on a more regular basis and my blogs won’t be just baby based! woohoo!

It will be about babies, toddlers, losing baby weight, marriage, family, God, Love, all of it. It’s about life, how to live it, and how to live it well. Join me, won’t you?



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