Photos, 10 day treks, tantrums, oh-my!

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Photos, 10 day treks, tantrums, oh-my!



Hi everyone!

Let me start by pointing out that my new header photo is from none other than the talented Rae Barnes from Rae Barnes Photography ( I met Rae through church and she did shots of our family during my pregnancy with the twins, and did some extra maternity shots as my belly got epic. Bummer for me, she moved to Philly at the beginning of the year. Not bummer for me- she still had some photo contracts up in our area through this summer, which gave us an opportunity to snag her for aNOTHER shoot of our family! The shoot was super fun and I’m so glad to have some gorgeous shots to remember this otherwise chaotic time when I don’t always (or often) have my camera in my hand! Thanks Rae!

Anywho…On August 13th Scott and I planned on taking the kids to Clayton, NY (where his sister and a ton of our friends live) for 10 days for a wedding, a firematics event, etc…However, my grandmother was sick/ having surgery/etc and I just didn’t feel right taking that trip while my dad was in China and my mom was left to deal. SOOOOOOO I took the 3 kids to Massachusetts with me and sent Scott to the wedding to represent us šŸ˜‰ I spent a week with my mom which allowed us to keep her company and, more importantly, allowed her to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when Hurricane Randall left šŸ˜‰ Sometimes people just need a little perspective and I’m perfectly fine to provide that! We met up then with Scott in Clayton for a 3 night stay and finally back here. Bummer for me- the week we came back was our daycare providers vacation so this week has been particularly challenging with hyper Quinn…..

However, daycare resumes tomorrow…He’ll go Tuesday and Wednesday half days and that’s just enough breathing room or mommy! This will help out emmensely in the winter time. For those of you who don’t know, the winters up here aren’t overly cold or overly snowy in my opinion (in regards to the AMOUNT of snow) BUT the winters are loooooooooooooooong…by long I mean October to April long….Ever since I’ve lived here there has been one killer snowstorm at the end of October, then it melts away and there’s a “normal ish” November with some snow, then the snow returns in a big way for December through February. At this point it’s quite hellish. The calendar SAYS March, but we have weather that goes from Blizzard to warm as the weeks roll on. April starts to clear up but there’s usually one “farewell” snowstorm in April. And, if you’re extra lucky- on your first mother’s day with 3 kids and when you’re sick, it will snow then too……
My point- getting him out of the house will be nice in the winter…

This Labor Day weekend some friends and I were going to go to a Baby Shower for a friend in Sag Harbor. Unfortunately she delivered her baby at 30 weeks on Saturday. Mom and baby are doing well, although it will likely be a long road. So, Scott said I still had to go somewhere by myself. MOM TO THE RESCUE! I’m heading to my parents house or the weekend to sleep, eat, drink, and read. I’m excited to see some of their high school friends who I essentially grew up with. My parents have been together since high school and married 30 years this October..that’s right..I’m not lying!

I’m ready for some full on relaxation tomorrow with Quinn going to daycare in the AM, I’m getting my hair cut and colored in the afternoon, and then running errands with Julie in Plattsburgh tomorrow evening……I RAAAAAAAAARELY say this (as I’m working on living in the moment) but..I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY!!!



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