Like climbing Mt. Everest…

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Like climbing Mt. Everest…



The title of this post comes from a blog I was just introduced to. Her January 4th post (the first one I read) hit so close to home that I posted it on my Facebook page as “the best commentary on motherhood I’ve ever read.” Here’s the link for you to get caught up… …All caught up? Awesome, right?

Might I add that motherhood, some days, is like climbing Mt. Everest WHILE IT’S ON FIRE, and other days it’s like you’ve grown wings and can soar up it.
The Chronos moments are those like I summarized in my run-on paragraph describing my hiatus. Those are all snippets of time, and things that have happened and we’ve just moved on.
The Kairos moments we can see on most days, but describe the summation of parenting- of mothering. I highlight mothering because it IS different. Yes, growing a child doesn’t make one a mother. But, for those of us who grew, nursed, and are raising our children- it’s MOTHERING. Mothering is, and will likely remain, the single most spiritual connection with God I will ever have until I meet Him myself. Raising children gives you a direct line to the Big Guy. Not only because children are more spiritually attuned than the rest of us, but God GAVE them SPECIFICALLY to us. I think about that sometimes when I’m having a particularly difficult day. I think “well, if someone else could be doing it better I’m sure God would have given the kids to them…press on!”
I hope you take the time to read that post- it’s really great, and is truly the only reason for this post 🙂
Carry on fellow mommy warriors 😉

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