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Welcome to my blog! Once upon a time, a very short time ago, I published my first novel, “Ten Days of Perfect” (check out the fancy link on the left of this page to get a Kindle copy 🙂 ).

I have a friend helping me with some tweaks on this page (see how tiny my name is on the top? unacceptable!) so this isn’t 100{43d0d1614ecc8ec385b3ea9940a88627e26eaf9be88a0641399e0be0c80ef276} perfect. Nothing ever is.  

BUT! I promised some loyal followers of my author page on Facebook (link also on the left of this page) that once I hit 50 reviews on amazon, I’d share a teaser for Reckless Abandon – book 2 in The November Blue Series. And, I need a place to do that. 

Here we are. So, I’ll still post lots daily on my Facebook author page, but here on the blog I’ll talk lots about writing, indie publishing, and have many a guest post from my lovely author friends.

Come along with me on my indie journey!




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  1. Maggie Lane says:

    Yay to your Blog am waiting for the teaser 🙂

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