Second Reckless Abandon Teaser!

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Second Reckless Abandon Teaser!



First of all, let me again thank all the wonderful readers that are becoming fans of November Blue, and Ten Days of Perfect. I’m thrilled that you all seem to be eagerly awaiting book #2, Reckless Abandon. As promised, upon hitting 75 reviews on Amazon, here is an Adrian-free Reckless Abandon teaser 😉




I stand, hoping a change in elevation will help me refocus. I cross my arms over my stomach and pace around the desk, leaning against it in front of him.

            “Is that how you feel? Do you feel like I abandoned you?” I almost whisper.

            Bo’s eyes start at my knees, bare from my skirt, and swim up the length of my body before he stands, regarding my eyes with tenderness. Our bodies are inches apart; the space between them filled with tension, anger, passion, and promises of forever. I drop my arms and place my hands on the desk behind me. My pulse drums a familiar beat; allegro in his gaze.

            “What I did to you, November, is inexcusable. I abandoned you by not being honest with you. Ainsley assumed I’d come running to her, and I haven’t.  She’s threatened that you work here and will take every opportunity to try to mark what she thinks is her territory.” His husky whisper tears through me.

We ignore the boundaries I clearly set last week as our bodies buzz inches from one another in silence. Our eyes are locked in a game of emotional chicken; I already know I’ll blink first as my ears blaze under his heat.  We’re in a vacuum; ignoring the past and disregarding the future. His hot breath against my cheek forces me to consider my options for action; I tap out, turning my head to the side.


Without further instruction he heads for the door while I wait for feeling to return to my legs.

I clear my throat. “You’re still playing at Finnegan’s tomorrow, right?” He stops and turns slowly toward me as I continue. “Josh said he’d text you. I appreciate your concern for me, but there’s no need to tip toe. They love you there.”

He hesitates with an amused expression before he answers. “I’ll play if you’re going to be there.”




16 Comments so far:

  1. An Adrian-free teaser.. but why mentioned Anisley? She’s so NOT supposed to be there. I sort of like to see that Ember follows her parent’s footsteps and takes on signing and performing. Hint..Hint… Andrea: can I steer you to go there?

  2. Good sign that they are at least still talking! Team Bo! (seen someone else started it…had to! lol) 🙂 LOVE it so far! Cant wait until the next book!! when will it be out again?

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh I am so Team Bo too!!! They need to reconcile – you don’t find that passion, that connection…every day. But it’s your story….weave your web dear storyteller!

  4. tammy mckissick says:

    I cannot wait for this sequel…..I am dying to know what happens. I am really hoping for a hea with bo!

  5. Brandi F says:

    Congrats Andrea for making it your 100 reviews 🙂 I can’t wait to read Ten Days of Perfect and Reckless Abandon

  6. Beth R says:

    Can’t wait. Have recommended Ten Days to several friends.

  7. Teresa says:

    OOOhhhhh……..As much as I want to see Adrian turn out to be bad and get the boot….I really want to see Ainsley’s arrogant face get smacked around and then Ember and Bo can finally get their HEA……………ok, slapping is too nice……. maybe a …teensey, weensey….little “Cat Fight” with Ainsley…..getting shredded would be more…, satisfying. 🙂 just sayin.

  8. Suzy says:

    Love me some angsty tension!! Ever so patiently waiting….

  9. Jennifer says:

    UGH!!!!!! these teasers are too stressful not know what is going on… espeically in the first teaser… her heart is in ICU but she is out with Adrian…. WHAT!!!!! Ok I am hoping that March comes REALLY QUICK!

  10. Reblogged this on jessysbookclub and commented:
    A Reckless Abandon Teaser from Andrea Randall! Loved Ten Days of Perfect! Sigh… CANNOT.WAIT!

  11. This is killing me. Bo better be the one November ends up with. They are so awesome together! Can’t wait!

  12. i want the whole book for free too bad its not. i got left hanging :(. ok can you do something to help andrea??

  13. Haley says:

    But where is the Nook version???

  14. Karen j says:

    What about us nook people!!! We’re left hanging !!

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