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A whole new level…



I’m preparing for a March 2013 release of Reckless Abandon. I’m all about teasers, short and long, to help you stay interested, get excited, and spread the word ;). When I reach 1000 “likes” on my FB author page www.facebook.com/authorandrearandall , I will share a mind-blowing teaser that’s sure to get you rabid for Reckless Abandon. It’s not so much a spoiler teaser, but a style element teaser that will show you what’s to come in RA.

So, spread the word for my author page and you’ll see something in RA that will have you begging for more.




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  1. adrianemarie0622 says:

    Andrea, I really can’t wait for RA!!! You have done so incredibly well with TDoP that it only gets better from here! Congrats, sweets! You deserve this!!!

  2. randiedwards says:

    Loving the teasers from RA. March just seems too far away. You Rock BTW!! 🙂

  3. randiedwards says:

    Loving the RA teasers. March is just too far away. You Rock BTW!!!

  4. randiedwards says:

    Well, my phone kept saying my post wasn’t going though and now it is on here twice. Galaxyfail lol

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