Christmas Paperback Sale!

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Christmas Paperback Sale!



I have a case of paperbacks I’d like to sell 🙂 

Here’s the Deal:

1. Cost is $10 per book.

2. I’ll cover shipping

3. Paypal me at and on the “confirm” screen it should give you an option to include a “message” (click the gift option for what the money is for). In the “message” area give me your mailing address and who you want the book made out to.


Merry Christmas!



5 Comments so far:

  1. Sarah Underwood says:

    Awesome!!!! Even International???? New Zealand???

  2. Heather D says:

    This is awesome!!! I love adding GREAT books to my autographed book collection!!!!

  3. Jayme Hallman says:

    I just sent the money through PayPal, it will be under the email address

    Thank you for doing this!


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  4. Okay, might be a stupid question but I went and made a pay pal account and still can not figure out how to buy it ? Help?!

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