New focus. New determination.

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New focus. New determination.



I can’t believe you’re all still here.

After all the crap I’ve pulled PROMISING more posts and a new and updated look, failing time and again and YOU’RE STILL HERE? Kudos, first. But, seriously, thank you.

The thing is, while going through my taxes from 2013 while they were being prepared, it really hit me: I’m an author. This is my job. This is my business. Therefore, I need to treat it as such. 100{43d0d1614ecc8ec385b3ea9940a88627e26eaf9be88a0641399e0be0c80ef276}. So, I want to point out a few things about this page.

1. On the left, you’ll see an option to sign up for my mailing list. Go ahead and do that. I promise I won’t be weird or intrusive. BUT! I also promise that you’ll get to follow along my journey of starting my new series this summer. You’ll get sneak peaks and other ramblings that won’t otherwise be made public.

2. You can “Follow” this blog, too. You might want to sign up for email notifications for the blog even if you don’t sign up for the mailing list. That way you’ll be notified right away when I’ve got a new post up here. Facebook is REALLY making things difficult as far as us authors being able to get the word out. You’ll want to acclimate yourself with coming to this blog, because that will be the most reliable place for you to stay on top of everything.

3. Also on the left you’ll see all the covers to all the books I currently have “out there.” If you click on them, you’ll be brought to the corresponding Amazon product page. Don’t worry: I’m still on sale at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and a host of other small and large retailers. Just go to those sites, and you’ll find me. That brings me to number 4.

4. This blog WILL be getting a MAJOR overhaul. One I won’t be responsible for, meaning it will get done ;). Once everything is the way I want it, there will be links to those retailers I mentioned above, as well as a Paypal link for you to order signed paperbacks directly through me. Eventually, I’m considering allowing you to purchase e-books directly through me–thereby cutting out the middle man–but that’s a topic for another day 😉

As promised in a post on my Facebook author page, I’m working on a Q & A session for you all. I’ll aim to post that tomorrow. In the meantime, you can expect one post a week from me (with the exception of this week’s double-post) and you can also look forward to a fancy webpage in the future.

Take a moment, please, to leave a comment here and let me know what you’d like to see me cover in my weekly postings. I’d really love to make this an awesome experience for the both of us.




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