Bar Crawl Cover Reveal!

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Bar Crawl Cover Reveal!



Here it is!

Check my previous post for a Bar Crawl teaser šŸ™‚

This novella will be released June 16th. Here is the blurb, and the cover. Enjoy!

Frankie and CJ couldn’t be more different.

CJ, the narcissistic, sex-addicted drummer seems to value his drum set over the various women he takes home night after night.
English teacher Frankie finds solace inside books instead of people.

When Frankie rejects CJ, he makes it his mission not to let her get away again. This will come at a cost that CJ has long considered too high: honesty.
What happens when you lay all of your cards on the table, and the one person you want to believe you thinks you’re playing yet another game?

Will she buy it? Find out what happens when Frankie slows down long enough to figure out if CJ is genuine in his intentions, or if she’s just another stop on his life-long bar crawl.



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