You know when Dorothy steps into Technicolor?

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You know when Dorothy steps into Technicolor?



… That’s what this kind of looks like, no?


If this is your first time here, welcome! If you’ve been here before … look how shiny this new layout is! Charles Miles, my love, spent lots of time sprucing the page up, knocking down walls, and all-in-all making this look more like the business page it needs to be.

With this fresh look, I’m going to have a fresh start with blogging. What does that mean?

Now I’m letting it all hang out.

Scared? Don’t be. Yes, you’ll still find all the Andrea Randall book related things on this page that you need and want. Teasers? You betchya—I can’t help myself. Yes you’ll still get my thoughts on writing in general, and the industry. But, what’s more, you’re going to get all of me.

Every last bit of it.

I’m going to let you in on the process. Not the writing process; I don’t want you thinking I’m going to lay out in dry detail the minutia of my day when I sit down to write. What I mean, is, with each book and/ or series I write, there’s all kinds of stuff going on “in here” (points to head). Each topic I write about is something that means something to me. Either it’s a fascinating piece of news I’ve encountered, a story I’ve heard, or something I’m wrestling with myself.

For example, had I started things this way while writing the November Blue series, you may have found (and might still find, depending on my mood) blog posts surrounding loss of family members, working in the non-profit sector, what it’s like being a musician, what happens when you fall in love with your polar opposite.

The topics within my story are meant to reach far beyond the confines of the pages (electronic or paper) of a book. I want you to carry and consider them—to project them through your own worldview and think, “What would I do if it were me/a friend/a partner?”

As you can imagine, my new series, “Jesus Freaks,” sets the stage for a LOT of these topics. Many a can of worms have been opened, or will be opened, through the series. THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO HERE FROM YOU. What subjects/feelings/questions arose for you while reading Jesus Freaks? What do you want to know more about? Are you curious regarding my personal opinion on anything? Post them in the comments of this post!

Now, I won’t necessarily answer every question now—or maybe ever—but the bottom line is: I want you always asking questions. Of me, of yourself, of each other. That’s how was grow together and get better.

For now, if you’re new here (again, thank you for stopping by), take a few minutes to dig through this page and read some posts that you maybe haven’t seen before.

Also, please know you can contact me though a million-and-one different ways. And, please do—I love hearing from you! You can also sign up for my mailing list and earn backstage passes, if you will, to every book I write.



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While you do that, I’ll start working on my first non-introductory post on this fancy site: “Why Jesus Freaks?”


As always …




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