Signed Paperbacks Delivered to Your Door!

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Signed Paperbacks Delivered to Your Door!



I will be posting the rest of my “Why Jesus Freaks” series of posts shortly. But, I’d like to take a small break to answer a question that I’ve been asked at an increasing rate lately:  “If I can’t get to a signing where you are, how can I get signed books from you?”

Welp, here’s your answer!

There are two ways to make this happen:

1. You can order the book yourself, mail it to me at PO Box 814, South Hadley, MA 01075, and include $5 for return shipping.


The easier way.

2. Go to and “Send Money” to The price will be $25 for full-length novels ($20 + $5 shipping) or $12 for novellas (Bar Crawl and Something’s Come Up). When you send money, you must use the “Comment” or “Note” section available. In this section, you can tell me which book(s) you’re purchasing, AND tell me your address and who to sign the book for (PLEASE double-check spelling before sending to me).

That’s it! I’ll get the email, pull the book from my inventory closet, sign it, and mail it right to you!





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