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A few years ago, on Facebook, there was this little thing going around where people were encouraged to choose one word, rather than a New Year’s resolution, to carry with them for the next year. If I’m not mistaken, that was for the year 2011, though I can’t be sure, thanks to all the depression I was in during that time.

Still, I knew there was something better for me than the life I was living. So, that became my word. Better. I knew I wanted and needed to feel better. That I wanted and needed to do better, be better, eat better, treat myself better … all of that. That was the word I chose. And, three years later, I’m making it happen.

If you have read through my Why Jesus Freaks? (there will still be more of those) and Food Diary posts, you can get a parallel picture regarding my spiritual and physical ups and downs during the years since I stated that “Better” was what I wanted to be.

What a road that’s been.

Before writing the Food Diary posts, and even more so during and after, people have PMed me, texted me, asked me in person exactly what it is I’m doing to achieve the 41 pound weight loss (as of 11/10/14, and still counting).

I can’t impress upon you enough the major impact that God and my support group have had in really turning my life around. That aside, I know that approach isn’t for everyone, and everyone needs practical things to do. Actions to take in order to put one foot in front of the other.

For weeks I’ve muddled over how to best talk about what it is I do on a daily basis. Should I give you a play-by-play of my food diary? No, because the food I eat, the amounts I eat them in, and the times I eat are all products of my physical needs, my weight, and my activity level. It would be irresponsible of me to post that and say, “Here! Do this!” because for most of you what I do exactly wouldn’t work for you exactly. And, how is that helpful?

Still, I know that I can’t keep this wonderful gift of transformation unless I give it away. If I’m not willing to share my successes with you, how can you heal? How can you start your own journey to Better, if I keep everything a secret? That seems backward.

Instead of giving you a cookie-cutter response or keeping everything completely to myself, I decided to pour my passion for enhancing people’s lives into a second job. A job where I can reach more people, guide them with nutrition and fitness based on their needs, and find programs, products, and tools that work best for them.

No worries, reader friends, I’m still authoring. That’s what I DO. But I want and need to do more.

**I’ve teamed up with Team Beachbody  to become a coach.**

What does this mean?

This means I have access to proven, effective tools, nutrition, and fitness plans to help you, wherever you are on your journey to being better.

This means that when you sign up (free) to have me, specifically, as your coach, you will gain entry to my private “Better Than Monday” Facebook group. This group is for us to support each other. I’m still on this journey, y’all, and I need you. We need each other. We will talk about nutrition, fitness, life, and purpose. This isn’t a weight-loss group, it’s a group that will help make us all Better.

I have a few awesome ladies in the group already, and we’ve already shared some laughs, tips, and encouragement. Join us, male or female, beginning of the journey, or tired traveler.

I want to reach through the computer screen and hug you. But, until technology makes that possible, we’re going to have to settle for our group ‘Better Than Monday.’

This is not a scam or a gimmick. Remember, I’ve been around the diet scam world for decades. I would not promote something at this point in my life that I felt was anything less than a lifeline.

Please PM me on Facebook with any questions, or email me at . Once you’ve signed up with me as your coach, I should be able to see it in my online office and then I’ll add you to ‘Better Than Monday,” but if for some reason you think it’s taking too long, let me know. Because I want you in that group.


Not tomorrow. Not next Monday. Not the first of the year.

Still, I know for some of you, you’ll hesitate. You might not be ready. Look at the road I’ve traveled. I get it. It takes time. But I just want you to remember this, always …

You’re worth today.

Whenever your today comes I’ll be here, waiting with open arms and a smile, welcoming you on the beginning of your journey to better, and linking arms with you as I continue on my own journey.

If you’re ready right now to be better, go to , click on “My Profile” just below my picture on the left-hand side of the screen, click on “Join Team Beachbody”, and the link to “Sign me up for FREE membership.”

This will get you on MY team, and then I can get you in the ‘Better Than Monday’ FB group!

What happens if you already have a Team Beachbody account but don’t have a coach or don’t know who your coach is? Just shoot me a PM or an email and I can help you figure all of that out.

In closing, I can’t say this enough, and I won’t ever stop saying it: you are worth today.




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