My Year of Less: A Brief Update

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My Year of Less: A Brief Update



In Chapter 2 of this series, I announced a personal shopping ban. Six weeks into it, I’m happy to report that things are going well.

I finally found sandals to replace my worn out Chacos (another pair of Chacos I hope last me the same 8-9 years these did—and they were on sale for $60!), and am still looking for a better sports bra, but the other clothing items on my approved list haven’t come up yet (either out of season and/ or not needed yet). 

However, when sorting through my wardrobe to rid myself of excess, I did make a few additional purchases. How could this be? As I sorted through things that didn’t fit, didn’t fit right, I never wore, or things that were worn out, I discovered a few deficiencies in my wardrobe I hadn’t considered before. Thus, I purchased 2 workout shirts and a thin t-shirt style plain white kimono to wear over dresses and tanks in the summer, as the black one I’ve worn for the last 5-6 years (and was a hand-me-down to begin with) has become completely threadbare. 

I did break my personal shopping ban with the purchase of one book The Inflammation Spectrum, which I’m reading in conjunction with practices I’m implementing from my acupuncturist to aid in my health journey (which will be the focus of my next main Year Of Less post). The book was more than half off ($13 for the hardcover!) and allows me to take notes in it, dog-ear pages, etc. Also, I purchased a new release by my dear friend Melissa Brown and have zero regrets. Congratulations again, Brownie!

What’s been most eye-opening so far is how many things I’ve not had to buy that are on the list to buy “as they run out.” This means, as we are six weeks in and some products (like shampoo) are not running dangerously low, that I had more than a two-month supply of some of these items in my home. I just considered this as I typed out the sentence, so I don’t have anything coherent to add except that we want for nothing.  I’ll be processing this throughout this journey, but wanted to provide this update. 

If any of you are on a similar journey, how are you doing?



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