Happy 2014 everyone!

Wow, what a year 2013 was! I published (or co-published) FOUR novels and ONE novella this year. FIVE BOOKS! Reckless Abandon, In the Stillness, Nocturne, Something’s Come Up, and Sweet Forty-Two were all released in 2013. 

While I can’t say right now how many novels or novellas I’ll be releasing this year, I CAN promise you that I’ll keep you thinking and feeling. I promise to continue growing in my writing to give you the best of me, always. 

Over the next couple of weeks, this blog is going to undergo a facelift. Aside from a new design, some things I’ll be adding are:

*Purchase links for all books

*A Paypal link so you can purchase signed copies of any of my books from this site

*Mailing list availability

*Where I’ll be all year (signings, events, etc.)


*Weekly giveaway links! 

This blog will be your ONE STOP shop for all things Andrea Randall. Subscribe, and stay tuned!



Book Signing, Richmond, VA.

Good morning everyone! 

The Richmond Book Signing is a little over two weeks away, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s been several months since I’ve been to a signing, and I miss them! It’s so much fun to meet readers and talk books for a WHOLE DAY! 

I highly encourage you to bring the books you want signed with you. I’ll have a limited number of books that I’m traveling with, so to ensure you get the books you want, it’s best to have them on hand. Now, if you want to order them from me, I’d be happy to save a book just for you!

In fact, if you pre-order through me, you’ll get a discount! Instead of $15, you’ll get a discounted price of $12 by sending the money via Paypal to aldrich_andrea@yahoo.com. When you send the money, there will be a space for you to include notes. In that section, please write the title of the book you’re paying for. 

*Pre-orders MUST be placed by Wednesday, December 4th* in order to ensure that I have enough time to get them shipped from Createspace. 


I hope you all have a fabulous and warm and loving Thanksgiving. Squeeze your family extra tight.



I’m sorry. Here’s a teaser.



Really, really sorry.

It’s been almost FOUR MONTHS since I’ve had a blog post. That’s just … unacceptable.  I moved in with a boy, my oldest started Kindergarten, I wrote a couple of books and … time just got away from me!

Here is my amazon author page so you can catch up on everything! Nocturne came out in August and Something’s Come Up came out last week. Something’s Come Up is a crossover novella I wrote with Michelle Pace. It features Pace Turner (Adrian’s brother) who we saw briefly in Reckless Abandon, and Steph Brier from Michelle’s The Sound Wave Series. 

*All of my books are also available on Barnes & Noble. Some are also on iTunes and Kobo.*

What’s new besides all of that?

Sweet Forty-Two.

The third book in the November Blue Series features Regan, who we met in Reckless Abandon. Bo and Ember are still around, but we also get to meet Georgia Hall. You don’t want to miss her. Here is the Goodreads link for Sweet Forty-Two. Below, you will find the prologue as my gift to you for being awesome fans and followers.

Sweet Forty-Two will be released on December 11th. If you’re interested in participating in the blog tour, please sign up here.

Without further ado, here is the prologue for Sweet Forty-Two:


“This land is incredible. Who owns it?” I look around on the most perfect summer day that’s ever existed.

Rae slows down so her horse is walking in step with mine. “The Greyson’s. Lauren and Warner were friends with my parents for ever. We’d come up here all the time as kids and get lost on purpose.” Her smile makes me feel like I’m right there with her. Back in her memories.

“Did they have kids?”

Rae nods. “Older, though. Well, the girl was around Bo’s age, but she was never interested in him, and I don’t think he was in her. They were good friends. Zoë is her name. The boy, Kevin, was in college before I was in high school. I don’t really remember him.

The breeze picks up, and loose strands of Rae’s black hair whip from under her helmet. Summer breezes are the best; you hear them coming before you feel them, and they’re always warm. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath through her nose.

I love you.

I can’t say it. I want to so badly, but I can’t. The way she lets her lips part as she’s lost in her smile begs me to say it. It’s too soon, though. Too soon. We’ve only been together for two months, even though it seems like longer. Everything is so effortless with her.

Rae is optimistic, bright in ways her older brother, Bo can’t be, especially with all of that brooding he’s doing over his ex-girlfriend, Ember. I still don’t really understand what happened there, but Rae assures me it will all work out for them in the end. Apparently Bo and Ember are meant to be. If the level of snark and brood one shows during a break up is directly proportional to the “meant to be” factor of a couple, those two are goddamn soul mates. That’s what Rae says, too. She uses the term soul mate as if it doesn’t come with centuries of baggage attached to it.

See? Effortless. Love is love. Soul mates are soul mates. And she is perfect. My term, not hers.

We come to the head of several trails that all disappear instantly into thick woods. My heart races a little in anticipation. Reality knocks, but I know I can stay here a while longer. In this dream. Before it’s shredded into a nightmare.

Normally I wake myself up when we get here, to the trail. Sometimes I push it, though. I just want to be with her a little bit longer.

“Which trail are we taking?” I ask, holding my horse back. He’s as anxious here as he was when it happened. Like he knew what was coming.

Rae points with her chin to a trail on the left of the tree line. “That one. It’s shaded and this sun is brutal today.”

I nod and back my horse up a few steps so she can take the lead.

I really should wake up now, but she still has more to say. And one more smile to give.

Not yet. Just a few more minutes.

“Oh,” she sighs in relief, “thank God for shade.”

My horse leads me just behind her and I’m grateful to find out she’s right. I didn’t realize how hot the sun was until I was in the coolness under the branches. Huge trees. Evergreens, pines, maples, and probably a few others my two years in Boy Scouts didn’t teach me, create a narrow tunnel of nature that we travel down in single file fashion.

Rae turns around and smiles.

Wake up. Now. 

I don’t, though. I’m greedy tonight and want to hear her voice one more time.

“You with me, Regan? You got really quiet.”

“This trail … it’s … wow.” I gesture with one hand to the grandness of the earth around us.

She giggles.

I forgot she’d done that.

“Right? Come on, let’s get going. This trail is long.” She commands her horse to pick up its step, and it follows loyally.

I do the same with mine, but make it slow slightly as a low hum filters into my ears. It sounds like a far away tractor, or lawnmower, but I didn’t see anyone else in the large pasture we just crossed. And, she just said the trail was long.

Leave. Now. Open your eyes, Regan.

My throat closes and I try to swallow. Nothing. My horse pulls back as I try to push it forward. He shakes his head and lifts his front legs slightly. Warning. I’m not trained enough on horses to know that, though. I think he’s just not submitting to me.

You’ve seen this enough, man. Open your eyes. Wake up. Wake up!

The humming is louder now and I don’t say anything because I’m trying to find the source. Rae is several yards ahead and seems to hear it, too. Her head moves slowly side to side as she continues her stride forward.

Then, I look up. It’s there. Huge. Grey like brains and dangling from a branch just above her.

It’s too late.

The bees come.


Nocturne News!

Below you will find the final teaser to “Nocturne,” the upcoming novel by myself and Charles Sheehan-Miles. We have a cover, which we’ll be excited to release shortly, but first, click here to add “Nocturne” to your Goodreads TBR list if you haven’t already!

If you want to catch up on the other teasers we’ve shared, click here to find your way to Charles’s blog, where he has them all right there, waiting. ;)

Writing this book was an incredible experience. We both learned a lot by working with each other, and we hope the final product shows you just that.

Without further ado…


One of the lovely things about attending the Bolshoi Christmas Ball is the dancers, several of whom were twirling in circles in extravagant ball gowns as I stood on the sidelines watching. I’d always been a confident dancer, but in front of these women? Hardly. I sipped my champagne and let my eyes scan the crowd.

It was a lavish setting without a hint of pretense. It was a celebration. Polished white marble columns that climbed to forty foot ceilings. Four hundred or more people were in attendance. Musicians, dancers, businessmen and women, politicians, and diplomats. A small contingent of soldiers were led in a dance by the beautifully gowned dancers of the Bolshoi.

Like many of the women in the crowd, I wore a ball gown and felt unabashedly like a princess. The dress was a soft gold, all the way from the fitted silk bodice, down to the tule-covered oversized skirt. Gold rhinestones covered the bodice and trickled down throughout the skirt, creating a dazzling effect under the lights. I chose black opera length gloves to compliment my mask. Ah, the mask. It was a deeper gold than my dress and adorned with scrolls of black music notes and black, silver, and gold feathers along the outer edge. Thick jewels circled my eyes. While it paled slightly in comparison to the rich opulence around me, I felt like I was in the middle of a fairytale. The vodka, the music, the dancing … it was choreographed to breathtaking perfection.

My evening had begun by playing for an hour with a small ensemble, but others had taken over and I had the rest of my evening to avoid the politics and infighting and enjoy my evening.

As I watched a group of dancers make coordinated turns across the room from me, Aldo approached. He wore a black mask that bore a long nose. I hated those, but his tuxedo was fore more elegant than the one he typically wore for shows.

“Good evening, Savannah,” he said, taking my gloved hand and bending over it, brushing it with his lips.

“Good evening, Al.”  I couldn’t help but smile.

“You will dance with me,” he stated.  I think he intended it as a question or an invitation, but his garbled English came out as an imperative.

I thought about it for just a moment and then said, “I’d be delighted.” Although I didn’t particularly want to make a fool of myself in front of the most advanced dancers in the world, I wasn’t a bad dancer. And not a single one of them was a world class musician. So I took Aldo’s hand and allowed him to lead me out to the floor.

I tried to ignore the undercurrents as we began to dance. Sergei Danshov, the ballet director, held court at one end of the hallway, surrounded by many of the younger and more aggressive dancers and cast members in a raucous circle.

At the opposite end of the room, Nikolai Timoshenko stood with his own smaller and slightly older group. Last year, when the previous director retired, probably due to the stress of all the politics and vicious infighting, Nikolai had been a candidate for ballet director. He lost out to Sergei after a vicious competition that I sometimes thought probably wasn’t over.

In between the two camps, the rest of us watched and enjoyed the spectacle of the evening. Of course, I’d spent much of my life around musicians, the symphony, the opera. But the Bolshoi operated like no other outfit, and put on balls like nothing I’d ever seen. In the dead of the Russian winter, this was a night filled with exuberance.

Aldo spun me around in a circle as we danced, and I felt lightheaded from too much vodka and champagne. After my third twir, I stopped in place at the sight of a man who had his back to me. Even among the sea of black tuxedos, I would recognize him anywhere.

Aldo stumbled and said, “Are you thriving?”

“Excuse me?”

He smiled and said, “Um… are you well?”

Aldo had been studying his vocabulary, apparently. “I’m thriving,” I replied. “Excuse me.”

There was no question it was him. He didn’t see me yet, so I slowed my pace as I crossed the floor. And watched him.

He wore a simple tuxedo, and his shoulders were pulled back and tense. His head was moving fractionally back and forth, as if he were scanning the crowd. Gregory’s hair had grown enough to reveal a slight wave that I didn’t know existed. He bore a relaxed look I’d never seen before.

As I stood in what felt like the center of the room, but was far off to one side, he turned around. He was twenty feet from me, but from the emotion that passed between us, he might as well have been touching me. Unlike most of the men at the ball, he wore no mask. His eyes, startling blue in this light, arrested me.

And I froze.

Impervious to the ballerinas, their dates, and people who thought they ought to be ballerinas circling around me in vodka-sponsored jubilance, I fought to hang onto some sense of composure.

Gregory took a deep breath, his shoulders rising, then lifted his chin slightly and walked directly toward me. I felt fixated by his eyes, afraid that if I looked away even for an instant he would disappear.

“Savannah.” He reached out with a confident hand and ran the tips of his fingers along the jewels of my mask.

I nodded, then shook my head. Yes. No. Contradictory actions mirroring my emotions. “What … How … Why?”

Slowly, his other hand came to the other side of my mask and with painful deliberation, he lifted it until it rested on top of my head. He slid his hands down the sides of my face, stopping when he reached my jaw where he held them there. Held me there.




Rafflecopter Winners!

Hello and thank you to all of you who participated in the Rafflecopter Giveaway I ran last week/weekend. 

Below I will post the name of the winner next to the prize you’ve won. I will be contacting you via email for mailing/emailing information. Again, thank you all who participated by sharing the giveaway, or about the sale, or liking my author page or Charles Sheehan-Miles’s author page. We are so grateful to every single one of our readers. Without you, we’ve got zilch. 

Okay, here goes. The winners are:

1. A signed copy of any book of mine (you choose). Claudia Blagbrough

2. Any e-book of your choice (not just mine). Tanya Childress

3. A set of 3 book charms from my books (one charm for each book). Kara Doerfer

4. A set of 3 book charms from my books (one charm for each book). Nancy Reese

If you see your friends name on here, let them know! Again, I’ll be sending out emails shortly.

Congrats to all the winners and keep your eyes open for more Rafflecopter giveaways!



Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Hi everyone! 

As many of you probably know, Charles Sheehan-Miles and myself have teamed up and put our most recent releases on a $0.99 sale! This is the first time “In the Stillness” has been on sale, and it’s your chance to also grab the incredible “The Last Hour” at a deep discount.

In order to encourage sharing of the sale, and new fans for our pages, I’ve come up with a Rafflecopter giveaway for y’all :)

There will be FOUR (4) prizes.

1. A signed copy of any book of mine (you choose).

2. Any e-book of your choice (not just mine).

3. A set of 3 book charms from my books (one charm for each book).

4. A set of 3 book charms from my books (one charm for each book).

There are several ways you can enter, but the most important is sharing the sale itself. You can use this link to share on your FB or Twitter pages. 

Also, you’re welcome to like either of our author pages, share a review, or a couple of other things you’ll find listed in the Rafflecopter. The giveaway will end midnight Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

Good luck, and have fun! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Book Bash Countdown!


It’s twelve days until Book Bash in Orlando, FL, and I’m getting super excited! If you’re signed up and ready to rock, check out this page for all you need to know about the weekend’s events!

As for practical matters. It costs a small fortune to ship books. Therefore, I will only have 25 copies of each title (Ten Days of Perfect, Reckless Abandon and In the Stillness) available at my table for purchase. I highly suggest purchasing the paperbacks ahead of time if there’s one you’re really hoping for, to avoid disappointment in case I sell out before you get to my table.

In fact, all of the paperbacks are currently on sale at Amazon.

At my table, the books will be priced 1 for $15, 2 for $25, and 3 for $30, and the first 25 people to  make any size purchase at my table will receive a special gift (provided it gets to me in time, which it should) :)

I’m SO looking forward to seeing you there, and I hope you’re attending Angst Fest!

(check the Book Bash website for details)