Mommy Diaries Part III

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Mommy Diaries Part III



Oh what a month it’s been!

Quinlan turns 1 month old on March second and I am amazed at how many changes he has undergone in that time. I’m further amazed at the changes in my relationship with my husband and the formation of our FAMILY.

The first week home was strange because I was still recovering from the c-section. However, I did as much as I could during the day as my body pieced itself back together. I’ll tell you what, I’m fully ready to recover from a tummy-tuck if I would ever decide to get one because recovery is very similar! ouch!

The first week home was full of sleep deprivation, but it wasn’t horrible. My husband and I got in one good bitch fest at each other a day and then we got over it. It’s amazing how little sleep one can function on, haha. Quinlan’s been sleeping roughly 3 hours at a time at night now. It was less when he was on breast milk alone, but I now mix his bottles with 1/2 breast milk and 1/2 formula so it sticks around in his system longer

The first week…well the first 2 weeks, felt like one long day. Thank GOD my mom was here. The first 2 weeks was full of getting excited over poopy diapers, laughing at my husband as he got peed on during nearly EVERY diaper change, and napping when we could.

For all of you contemplating conception and parenthood, I HIGHLY suggest you seek out a very dedicated family member to stay with you, or at least come over during the day, every day, for the first week-at LEAST the first week. My mom made food and did laundry….it was absolute heaven!!! She stayed until Feb. 19th when we all headed to Massachusetts to introduce Quinn to my family.Cars are lovely. Quinn slept nearly the whole 4 hour ride to Massachusetts.

My grandparents absolutely loved him and it was nice to get out of this icebox excuse for a place to live for a while, lol.

After we returned this past Sunday, it was like our real family life began. It was just me, my husband, and our son…Our family. My husband, bless his soul, has off from work until March 10th and I am off until April 1st. This week M-Th dear Scott let me sleep in and I felt like a bum- AND I LOVED IT! He had the coffee made and the baby fed and down for a nap by the time I got up for the day- SHOUT OUT TO SCOTT!

The nights are getting better. Scott and I alternate getting up for middle-of-the-night feedings. We just nudge each other and say “your turn.” Quinlan is in a bassinette in our bedroom right now and that makes things so so much easier! I imagine once he starts sleeping a little longer at night we’ll move him in to the crib but I’m happy not wandring through the house at night to get to him.

Among the magical things this week are: 1. Quinn focuses more on objects and faces 2. I am back to going to the gym at LEAST 3x a week (although I can’t go full-out until I get clearance at my appt. on 3-24, grr) 3. Scott discovered that Quinn loves to be swung. Since his swing is best for when he can hold his head up, Scott discovered strapping him in to the car seat and swinging him until he falls asleep. He is currently asleep in the carseat in our bedroom now, going on hour 2! 4. I am drinking a Guinness a day to keep my milk supply up- it’s true!! look it up!

I promise the next installment will be filled with slightly more sarcasm as I discuss my first real look at my body upon going back to the gym, sexual advances from you know who, gassy babies, and “when are you going to DO something?”


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