Mommy Diaries Part II

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Mommy Diaries Part II



I realized today I must condense these two parts-the hospital stay and our first week home-because my mind is slipping on the details, lol.

The mprphine drip and percocets caused hazy hospital memories and adjusting to home life caused the last 10 days at home to feel like one!

Part II
After being greeted by my family and my son after the c-section, I was officially a mother and my husband and I had a “real” family. I was given a shot of Dilottid (sp?) which is a synthetic morphine and I was in total lala land.I maintained conversation, and was quite chatty with a dry mouth hahaha.

After some meeting and greeting and ooing and ahhing, everyone left. My mother stayed with me so my husband could go home, get a good night sleep, and gather some things I had left at home that I would need for my now longer than planned hospital stay due to the unexpected c-section.

With vaginal deliveries you’re in the hospital for 2 nights, and with c-sections you’re in there for roughly 4 nights, or until you poop. Yep. That’s right. As though I hadn’t thrown all my modesty out of the window after 16 hours of labor, prepping via a catheter and shaving for the c-section and attempting to breastfeed in front of my friends (they and I did not care), I was told I couldn’t eat solid foods, let alone go home, until they were sure my intestines were “up and running” again after the spinal. yay. I couldn’t imagine standing up, let alone standing up to sit down again and do…that…AAANNNYWAY.

The nurses rock. They keep the baby in the nursery so you can get sleep after your long ordeal. They brought Quinlan in when he needed to feed (which isn’t that often as fresh newborns are more interested in sleeping and they have food stores to go on for a day or two). So I got some LOOOVELY morphine-induced sleep the first night.

The next morning I asked to NOT have the morphine anymore because I hate feeling so loopey. They laughed at me and told me I’d be moved to Percocet today. Yay- aNOTHER new drug I had yet to try.

Breastfeeding was a giant pain and Quinn never really latched properly, unless with extended help from the lactation consultant. He was 2 weeks early and my milk hadn’t yet come in, a bad combo.

My mind was made up- I’d be a pumper. It is really important to me that Quinlan gets breastmilk as long as possible for a variety of reasons that I’ll share in a later blog regarding my Exclusive Pumping. If he isn’t going to take it from me, I have NO problems pumping and giving it to him in a bottle. Plus-there are wicked benefits to mom with the whole milk-production thing.Brief aside- formula stays in the digestive system longer, meaning newborns on formula USUALLY go 3-4 hours between feedings. Breast milk-eating babies need to eat every 1.5-2.5 hours as newborns. Luckily if Quinn wants to eat every 1.5 hours he does that during the day…He’s gone as long as 3 hours at night. yay! Another aside- breast milk babies poop with every feeding because of how easily digested the milk is…yay. lol.

So after a few days, successful intestine start-up, good pediatrician checks, a circumcision, a glass of wine with our “special meal”, they said “Tomorrow you guys can go home.”Umm……you mean we can’t stay HERE forever?!?!

Stay tuned for a more informative Part III as I discuss getting home with our new bundle of joy.

They told us we couldn’t stay in the hospital forever.

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