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Mommy Diaries Part I



Mommy Diaries: Part I
As many of you know by now, I’ve had our baby! I’ll give quick stats before I dive in to the long birth story. Well, it was long in time, won’t take too long to write!Quinlan Kenneth RandallSaturday, February 2nd, 20085:26pm (keep the day and time in mind as you read on)7 pounds 13 ounces21 inches long*absolutely perfect*

My last blog had me convinced I was leaking amniotic fluid, which was evident by the ultrasound I had that day. I had one non stress test on Wednesday, and planned my next one for Saturday morning.

After posting on Wednesday I felt crappy all week, which was unlike the rest of my pregnancy. I was sure my mind was playing tricks on me, although my mother was convinced I “would have that baby by Saturday night.”

Friday was a particularly crappy day at work because people were particularly annoying. I finished up everything and just couldn’t wait to get home. Scott was working late so I knew I had the house to myself alllllll night-yay! I got home to a very clean house because Scott cleaned in the morning because we were going to have a Superbowl Party at our place on Sunday. I made dinner, did the rest of our laundry, and watched a few episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 on soapnet. Quite the perfect night for a fully pregnant person.I dozed off to sleep around 10pm.

Scott came home around midnight and was in the living room watching TV. I got up to go to the bathroom and headed out to see him. As I stepped out of the bedroom I felt it…a small gush..At first I thought, “dear GOD have I lost control of EVERY PART of my body?!” I went back to the bathroom to try to empty my apparently still full bladder. As I stood up, a bigger gush….HOLY JESUS MY WATER ACTUALLY BROKE!I ran in to the living room with my pants in hand and said “Honey, we gotta go!” It took him a few good minutes of staring at me and my pants before he got up and slowly walked toward me. My heart was racing-this was real.

Let me inform you that Friday was the worst weather day in weeks in Lake Placid and we joked that we couldn’t go in to labor that day…ooooh how the gods work…

The drive to Saranac Lake was completely silent, completely icy, and completely wet.

We checked in to the hospital at 12:30am on Friday night/Saturday morning and I got all hooked up to the monitors. I was having infrequent, irrelevant contractions at that point so the nurse suggested I get some sleep. I was 2cm dilated and sleeping away.9:00am rolls around-still 2cm. They started me on Pitocin to get my contractions a rolling and they gave me a bag of antibiotic since my water had broken so long ago. The pitocin got the contractions stronger and closer together…for a short while. Then my uterus decided to take a break. Marcy, our nurse, even said, “do you HAVE a uterus?” LOL.

My contractions went from regular to nearly non existent and back and forth again. 5 hours later I was 3cm…not the kind of progress you like when you’re supposed to dilate 1cm an hour…An hour later-3cm…The doctor said “I’ll give you one more hour and then if you’re insistent on staying at 3 we’ll have to talk about something else.” lol.

One hour later…..3cm..This brings us to 4:00pm on Saturday…Nearly 16 hours after my water broke. It was time for a c-section. By then I was so ready to see our baby I didn’t care if he was squeezed out or airlifted out.Mr. Anesthesiologist came in and rocked my world. It wall happened so fast. My mom opted to come in to the O.R. with me because my dear husband would have been useless and passed out on the floor.

I get in to the OR, they stick a needle in my spine and away we went. Keep in mind, I have NEVER had any kind of surgery before so feeling my feet go numb up to my chest nearly sent me in to a panic attack. But I gathered myself only because I didn’t want them to put me under-that would’ve been awful. My mom came in and in less than 5 minutes my baby boy came screaming in to the world.

He was born at 5:26pm, 4 minutes shy of 17 hours after being admitted to the hospital. My mom held my hand and talked me through the rest of the surgery. She has had 2 c-sections and watched the whole thing. She told me what they were doing, where they were stitching, etc.

The first time I heard Quinlan scream I lost it. My abdomen was still open and I lay there crying, completely unaware that people were still digging around inside my body. I got to see him for a few minutes, then the wheeled him out to dad while they put me back together. It was my doctors birthday as well!

My hour in the recovery room was dandy. They had me on dilottid (sp?) which is a synthetic morphine. For someone that doesn’t even use cough drops, I was in my glory.

I was wheeled in to my room, greeted by my husband, mom, brother, and 2 close friends who were with us allll day. Last but certainly most, I was greeted by my little boy.

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