6 months and counting

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6 months and counting



Has it really been nearly 2 WHOLE MONTHS since my last post? Sheesh! I guess I better get back to it!
Work has been really busy, just the way I like it. And, Scott and I have been busy with a little boy who’s eating mushy food and rolling all over the house!

Baby Update: Quinn’s been eating “solids” for about 2 months. “They” say not to start solids until 6 months but “they” don’t know all babies. Ha. At his 4 month check up I informed the ped (pediatrician) that he was drinking 40 ounces a day with rice cereal in the bottle. We were given the go ahead to try rice cereal by the spoon, in a thick cream consistency, to get him in the habit of not inhaling everything put in his mouth.

Then came the bananas, apples, oatmeal, mixed grain, prunes, pears, greenbeans, peas, carrots, sweet potato, yam, and just today he’ll be trying yellow squash. Later this week I’ll be trying him with zucchini.

I make his food and I try to buy as much organic as possible because he’s such a little human! Yep, I’m a tool. I have Gerber food on hand for if I run out or for convenience of travelling, etc, but it’s mostly Organic. Yes, I meant that capital “O.” I figure he has plenty of time to put whatever he wants in to his own body so I’ll give him the best I can. Even buying organic fruits and veggies to make food is still cheaper than buying the jarred or containered baby food. Yes, container just became an adjective…or is it an adverb?????

Anyway, Quinn’s also close to crawling. Close as in he rolls around, lifts himself up on his forearms, and can get on his knees. Then he does this inchworm move that turns in to Downward-Facing Dog. Maybe he’s a yoga prodigy…whatevs.

This weekend, Sunday in fact, my little bro graduates from college. What the hell! I literally remember playing with him when he was in his crib…Jesus. Shoutout to Brian, Big B, Bigs, BigsB, Fey, Holmes, Holmesy, Holy, Brianna on a job well done!

My little bro is an adult and my son is 6 months old- what’s happening?!?!

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