Kind of almost 1?

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Kind of almost 1?



Kind of almost 1?

Bedtime Musings:

Right now it’s 830am, but I started this blog last night after Quinn was asleep so, it’s kind of a bedtime musing 😉

Well. Sitting up alone and TEETH have arrived! Quinn can sit up on his own for quite some time before succumbing to gravity, and his 2 bottom front teeth broke through the gums sometime between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

In roughly 2 weeks he’ll be 8 months old and it’s just a little too close to one year old for my comfort! Last year at this time I sat and stared at the calendar, waiting for October 4th. I was waiting for October 4th because that was the date of the ultrasound where we would find out the sex-yay! My parents came up and it was their anniversary and we all found out it was indeed a Quinlan growing in there! I was kind of showing by that point, but some may have just thought I was bloated.

Now…a year later….Quinn’s a full-blown food eating-teeth cutting-almost crawling-sleeping through the night-human.

Scott and I are starting to talk about baby 2. LOL. Yes, it’s true. We’re waiting until Quinn’s first birthday to come up with a game plan, but we’d like to have another one by the time Quinn is 2. This is simply because we’re not sure if we want 2 or 3 and I want to be done having kids by 30…so…2 years apart it’ll be. And, I’ve heard if you have 2 under 2 you won’t have 3 so…hahahahah

Anyway, I’ll sit here and continue to ponder the last 8 months and make a plan to lose the rest of the weight I’m going to lose by Quinn’s 1st birthday so that way I can gain it all again. Hahahah.

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