I have a toddler!

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I have a toddler!



Whew! Where has the time gone! I promised an update and then I fell off the face of the earth! Well, work’s been busy and then Quinn turned ONE so- things have taken priority.

Yes, Quinn is one…dear LORD I have a one year old. I am the mother of a one year old…eeeeks! He’s doing very well. He’s eating a lot and is almost walking. He’s in the 60th percentile for weight and over the 97th percentile for height. So he’s long and lean-not sure where he gets that from but we’ll take it.

Turning one means lots of things when you’re a parent. I will enlighten you:

1. Your child is no longer an infant, he is officially classified as a toddler…NO more “baby” or “infant” business, we’re now in the world of the toddler. We’ve turned the page to a chapter that will hold walking, talking, and the terrible two’s, God help us.

2. If you so choose, you can transition your child to milk. Preferably not Soy, but that’s a topic for another day- someone remind me. Transitioning Quinn to milk was not a quick process. He was on breast milk, and then went to the Gentle formula, followed by regular full lactose formula, then we spent 2-3 weeks transitioning to whole milk. And, yes, we give him Organic Whole Milk. Someone else remind me to post on Organic Dairy 🙂

3. Food. Now your toddler can experience all the world has to offer. Peanut Butter is ok, as is honey, and basically anything you’re eating. As my pediatrician says, they shouldn’t have grapes, peanuts, or hotdogs until they can spell them (due to choking hazards). I still make Quinn’s fruits and veggies because food preparation for a one year old is still a task. They can’t wield a fork or spoon successfully, and they don’t have molars, so all food still needs to be pea-sized or diced-carrot sized, ish. So I we’ll cook a chicken breast and pulse it in the food processor a few times and off he goes.

4. Talking. Now that your child is officially a toddler, you no longer get questions like “is he sleeping through the night” or “what formula is he on.” You get “what words is he saying.” Well, to answer your question, none. He talks to himself all day but everything is dada, mama, yeaaa, or uhoh…And, he doesn’t discriminate with dada and mama…I could be dada or uhoh depending on the day.

5. You still haven’t lost all of your baby weight and you better get going on it. Yea, still have half my pregnancy weight but people say it doesn’t look like it. These people must have met me while I was pregnant and, therefore, have no clue how gorgeous I was on my wedding day 🙂

So, life with a toddler will undoubtedly give me great material for this blog as the months go on…And my husband and I better clean up our mouths or else Quinn’s first words will be PG-13- eek!!

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