Daycare separation anxiety-for moms.

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Daycare separation anxiety-for moms.



Good day everyone!
This week begins Quinn’s second full week at a new daycare. From May 2008 until Feb 1 2009, my best friend watched him by himself in her house during the work day. However, she got an offer to work full time, and she wants to finish her schooling, so we had to find an alternative daycare. Luckily, Scott’s friend’s sister has at-home daycare (and she has a 6 month old) and she agreed to take on Quinn.
I was a little nervous at first. He had had Meghan’s undivided attention for the better part of 9 months. I knew how badly she was going to miss him and I was fearful that he’d miss her the same! Luckily, Quinn is awesome and easy going. Since he’s on a schedule he’s very adaptable to new situations. As long as he naps and is fed at the same times, it really matters very little where he is. Plus, he is getting a LOT of interaction and play with small people 🙂 . There is a 2 year old and an 18-month old there, so he gets his workout.
Today when I brought him I took off his coat and wind pants and off he went, playing with the 18-month old. They were bopping along to something that made fun noise. I said “Bye handsome,” and he gave me a quick glance and went back to dancing. It made me a little sad FOR ME, but very happy for him that he doesn’t have to deal with separation anxiety :)Thanks for listening!



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