Mommy Diaries: The Second First Trimester…

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Mommy Diaries: The Second First Trimester…



Mommy Diaries- The second first trimester.

Good afternoon fellow readers. I have fallen off the planet and I apologize. Let me take a minute to explain.

Over the last year, for you faithful readers, you’ve heard me mention that my husband and I would start trying for baby #2 when Quinlan turned one. Well, true to form, his birthday was 2-2-08 and on 2-17-08 I found out I was pregnant. Here’s where it gets interesting, frightening, or comedic, depending on your point of view.

After peeing on the stick, I called my OB office and they scheduled me for a “confirm ultrasound” 2 weeks later, when I’d be 6 weeks pregnant. That appointment is just to say “yes, you’re pregnant, congrats, see you in a few weeks.” Mmmmhmmmm.

My husband and I had to bring our son to this confirmation ultrasound appointment because the daycare provider was at a funeral. So the three of us walk, oblivious of the events to follow, in to the exam room. Sure, it started off normal enough, “Get undressed, put the sheet on, flip the switch when you’re ready…”

That’s where things got…interesting…The doctor came in and began the internal ultrasound, to find the sac. As soon as the image appeared on the screen I became flushed with a racing heart. I knew exactly what I was looking at (thanks to TLC, Discovery Health, and the Internet) but I did not say ONE WORD as I lay there, waiting for confirmation from my OB. I glanced over at my husband who was turning an interesting shade of red- he must have known too. The OB was silent for a long time scanning back and forth and back and forth before saying, “Ok, here is one normal sized baby/yolk sac (who can remember the details here)…and here is another one, the same size…It’s twins.”
*Let me interject and simply say, yes, twins do run in my family…but only 2 sets in the last 4 or so generations…so if thats running, its running*

Even as I type this I get chills. I, for the first time in my life, immediately went in to prayer. Prayer for their health and mine, prayer for sanity, prayer for financial support, prayer prayer prayer. Normally I would try to THINK..but now was no time for thinking…it was time for praying.

I looked right at my doctor and with an exasperated tone I uttered (I’m not lying) “HOLY SHIT!” He laughed, as did the nurse. They said they hear that time to time. My doctor lightened the mood by saying “At least it’s not 8” (he has a funny sense of humor) and said “congratulations” before handing me the picture of 2 6 week old yolk sacs and orders for a blood test.

One of the nurses at the station outside cheered, as she has twins 2 months older than Quinn. Scott’s first full sentence, I do believe, was “We’re going to have 3 kids under the age of 2.” My response? “Yep.”

The ride home is almost another post in itself. Haha. However, it consisted of silence mixed in with (From my husband) a lot of “how…” “what….” “how are we?” “what are we?” I looked at him and I said “trust God and Pray.” He said he’s never seen me so calm.

I hope you enjoyed the first post of the second pregnancy! I will write another, probably tomorrow, discussing the hellacious world of twin pregnancy symptoms and never ending morning sickness…


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  1. Brian says:

    “We’re going to have 3 kids under the age of 2.”

    Its good to see Hubby has his math skills locked down.

    Q ball will be working over time helping with the new arrivals come Sept/Oct

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