New Chapter- Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

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New Chapter- Becoming a Stay at Home Mom



Good day!
3.5 months later I sit in my recliner at home with a laptop that’s back up and running and ready to fill you all in briefly before pressing forward.

I left off in May, discussing my relief from morning sickness and anticipation of finding out the sexes of these babes!

Well, we’re having a boy AND a girl and their names are Aiden Robert and Paige Ellen. We just like the name Aiden, Robert is my dads name and my grandfathers middle name, Paige is my great grandmother Quinlan’s maiden last name and Ellen is Scott’s mom’s middle name- there hehe.

As of this writing I can tell you I had an ultrasound one week ago and Paige was 4.5 pounds and Aiden was 5 pounds. Today I am 33 weeks pregnant and counting.

On to the title of this blog- Becoming a Stay at Home Mom.
Never, and I mean NEVER, in my life did I ever imagine I would ACTUALLY become a stay at home mom. I thought about it once in a while but I never figured we’d be able to afford it financially, etc. God tends to have other plans so I’m not shocked haha.

Scott and I sat down one day and calculated the cost of having 3 children in daycare. It came out to $70.00 less than what I make a month…and that didn’t count gas. Not to mention, we’d likely have to have the 3 kids at 3 different daycare centers because at-home daycares can only have a certain number of kids under 2, etc.

Alas, we looked at each other and said “let’s figure out how to have me stay at home!” Scott is EXCELLENT at finding and maintaing side jobs, so, between that and altering our budget some (like going down to basic basic cable, signing up for WIC, etc) we are able to make it work.

My last day of work was August 28th and that couldn’t have come a day too soon. I have nearly 10 pounds of baby in my body, not to mention 2 placentas, 2 umbillical cords, and 2 fluid sacs filled with fluid. ALSO, I am carring these babies COMPLETELY out front so it looks like I’m simply defying gravity when I stand.

Unfortunately for my physical state, Quinn’s last day of daycare was Friday, 9/4. LUCKILY he’s not a needy boy so I can play with him some and then sit in the recliner some while he plays independently (fancy word for ALONE) and then we can go ouside to our newly fenced in back yard and I can veg. in the sun while he runs around with sticks. I spend most of that time simply praying that he doesn’t fall with the sticks because it will take me a good few minutes to get to him once I get myself up and going (inertia is a cruel thing).

That’s all for today. HOWEVER, expect a blog ALMOST daily from here on out until the twins are born. I have my lap top on what’s left of my lap, with my feet up, watching Regis and Kelly, as Quinn takes his morning nap.

Later for now!

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