Diaper Rashes, Mommy Groups, and Baby Showers- OH MY!

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Diaper Rashes, Mommy Groups, and Baby Showers- OH MY!



Yesterday was my first full day as a real stay at home mom and it went encouragingly well! Quinn was in a great mood all day (perhaps he knew I needed to be broken in easily) and took his naps, played outside for a long time, and was generally his wonderful self.

I didn’t put away any laundry but I got some washed and folded, and dishes ended up in the dishwasher, so that’s a successful day in my book! Evidently, according to a book I’m reading called “Domestically Challenged,” I am staying at home to raise the children, not be a maid.

Today was better and worse than yesterday.

I was invited by a woman from church to meet for kind of a mommy and me group at another church members house…They craft, the hostess Diane makes lunch, and the kids play. Quinn did really well and I’m glad that the woman’s house is rather kid friendly because he certainly ran the place ragged!

HOWEVER…..Quinn’s morning nap was about an hour short thanks to the teeth spawned from Satan himself, the eye-teeth. Yes, the Eye-teeth. They’re the “vampire” teeth and they completely turn your house and your toddler upside down. It’s not that I wasn’t warned…Articles, books, people..they all say “the eye teeth are the worst.” But, after dealing with the first few teeth you really trick yourself in to thinking that NOTHING could be worse….WROOOOONG! Quinn woke up HYSTERICALLY crying 2 or 3 times last night (which is much different than a newborn crying..it’s really REALLY REALLY loud!) and he still is fighting his effing diaper rash. Sooooooooooo he had a steady diet of tylenol today and got some motrin before bed, and had his ass caked with Balmex and baby powder.

About the diaper rash. Since Quinn’s been born we’ve used Butt Paste. We’ve only ever put it on like first thing in the AM and right before bed. However, when a diaper rash appears we need to beef up the infantry. This diaper rash has a mind of it’s own. Evidently I am to try this stuff called PINXAV (pronounced pink salve)…It has like 2x the amount of Zinc Oxide…It’s been shipped (had to order it online as it’s not available in stores around here) and I’ll give the review upon ONE usage..that’s all they get πŸ˜‰

Anywho- Quinn’s in bed and I’m going to reheat some Pizza Hut veggie pizza and watch Friends all night πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I go for a non-stress test which I hope is less eventful than the last one (I was having contractions every 4-6 minutes but they went away….obviously)….Keep you posted!



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