Tick-Tock goes the labor clock…

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Tick-Tock goes the labor clock…



Hi friends!
The last week and a half has been very busy and hectic!

Last Thursday we found out the twins weigh 5 pounds (Paige) and 6 pounds 3 oz (Aiden)…That was when I was 34 weeks. The midwife is very happy with how well this pregnancy is going. It boggles my mind that my body can handle pregnancy so well but I can’t seem to get it together for a “natural” delivery! Either way, both these kiddies are breech, I had a c-section with Quinn, and AMC doesn’t offer vag. delivery with twins so c-section it is!

On the 14th my dad came home from China FOR GOOOOOOOOOD! Amen! They came up last weekend and my mom has been here all week helping me out with Quinn while Scott gets a lot of extra work done for extra $$ now that we’re on one income. It’s soooooooo great having her here. Due to my size and the face that I’m carrying these babies straight out, moving is SUCH a challenge. I spend most of the day sitting or laying down.

Better yet, this weekend my parents are taking Quinn to Massachusetts so we have a toddler free weekend! Our friends Tracy and Meghan are getting married saturday and my pregnant partner in crime, Julie, has her baby shower Sunday (we have the same due date) so I’ll be able to rest and then enjoy these events!

Next Wednesday, the 30th, is 36 weeks for me. This means as long as I make it to that date, I can have the babies here, rather than having to go to Burlington which isn’t home! Don’t get me wrong, Fletcher Allen is an AMAZING hospital with a great NICU and WONDERFUL care but it would be very nerve-wracking for me to go in to a c-section meeting the surgeon for the first time!

Anyway, just a little catch-up from me…This weekend I’ll get to post more when I’m toddler free!

xo xo


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