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Praise the LORD!
I am just over 36 weeks pregnant and my c-section has been scheduled for 10-15-09! I will not, however, object to their deciding to come early- should they choose 🙂

I had an ultrasound yesterday which told me that Baby A, Paige, is 6 pounds 7 ounces and Baby B, Aiden, is …..wait for it….7 pounds 15 ounces…yea, that’s right…By that measure, Aiden already weighs more than Quinn did when he arrived at 7 pounds 13 ounces at 37.5 weeks gestation!

So, when I announced this news, I naturally have been thrown a few pretty practical questions from people who don’t see me day-to-day, or at all for that matter.

1. Can you walk?
*Yes, but I try not to do it often or for long distances. Why? This might be TMI so you have been warned. If I walk too fast or for too long I feel like I’m either A) going to give birth or B) going to pee my pants. Also, if I walk for a long time I just feel tired and tend to have more contractions so it’s just not worth it haha. Further, it takes a while to get going (think: inertia).

2. Can you stand?
*Yes. Perhaps I should have put this as question 1. since I obviously have to be able to stand to walk. However, inertia is a bigger enemy as far as this topic goes. From the recliner or a kitchen chair, standing up is not as difficult due to the firm surface and easy access to places to put my hands to leverage my gravity defying body up. However, from the couch it’s a little more difficult since it’s squishy. The floor…I have sat on the floor exactly twice in the last month and neither one was a pretty sight…once was today. In effect, I have to roll on to all 4’s and pray there’s something nearby to leverage myself up with haha. From bed is best because I just heave my legs over the size of the bed and I’m half way there.

3. Can you breathe?
*Praise the Lord I have been sooooo lucky with this. A common complaint among pregnant women, no matter how many babies she’s carrying, is the difficulty she has while breathing. Obviously with organs being pushed out of the way, the lungs have to sacrifice some room as well. Twins, obviously, complicate this situation. Thankfully these babies have been fairly low throughout the pregnancy so I haven’t had TOO much trouble breathing. Their lowness in my uterus, however, does complicate questions 1 and 2.

3. Just for fun….Your sex life?

4. I bet you can’t wait to have them out!
* Yes and no. They’re much easier to manage whilst in, regardless of the physical difficulties. Also, they’re healthy and happy in there and I’d rather wear 15 pounds of baby than have 4 pounds of baby in the NICU.

So that otta wrap it up for now 🙂 xoxoxo


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