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So here’s what’s up.
I’m on the longest weight-loss plateau EVERRRR. I’m not even being dramatic. Through last summer I lost roughly 18 pounds or so that brought me steadily to my pre-getting pregnant with twins- weight. However, I still have TOTAL 60 pounds I’d LIKE to lose….40 to get to where I was before I got pregnant with Quinn and another 20 for vanity’s sake 😉

Back to that 18 pounds…Since then NADA. Maybe a pound…I’ll weigh myself tomorrow. Over the last month I’ve been doing the 30-day shred (massively intense) and I have been HONESTLY cleaning up my eating (I’ll show you food diaries if you want). But the scale, that cruel bit*h, HASN’T MOVED! I don’t doubt that I’m gaining muscle due to the intensity of the strength training provided in the 30-day shred, but given the amount I have to lose- shouldn’t I be losing?!

I’m buying a tape measure tomorrow to start there………



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  1. Melissa says:

    My first thought was to tell you that you are prob gaining muscle as well as shedding fat…so they may be negating each other on the scale. Also Ihad this happen a few months before I go pregnant with Ian. I was eatting right, working out on my own, and with a traininer. After about 4 weeks she suggest that I see th edr and have my thyroid levels checked. That was the answer, it was out of wack…i'm just sharing my experience thinking maybe it could be yours too?

  2. Mamma Dre says:

    Melissa. I have a physical coming up and I was planning on asking for the thyroid check. Did they give you medication for yours?

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