Happy Birthday Quinn!

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Happy Birthday Quinn!



Dear Quinlan:

Oh my Quinn. My little Q-ball. Tonight I put a 2 year-old to bed, and I will wake up to a 3-year-old. Tomorrow is your 3rd birthday. I’m surprised we all made it! Especially surprised that your father and I made it. There were times throughout this year that I surely thought I would die of frustration- turns out that doesn’t happen. I usually have a pretty realistic sense of time, but I HONESTLY feel like we just had your 2nd birthday party here, complete with the SpongeBob cake!

Tomorrow I will no longer have 1 2-year-old and 2 1-year-olds, which is fun to say. However, tomorrow I will have a 3 year old, which makes me sound very grown up, I think.

You’re a beautiful boy and you’re growing and learning every day. You’re passionate and compassionate-and for you I hope that never changes. You love Paige and Aiden dearly, and while you’re sometimes a bit “in their face” about it- they squeal in delight whenever they see you first thing in the morning, and that melts my heart!

This year will hold new challenges for us- such as potty training. Let’s make that quick, ok?

I love you Buddy and I hope you keep your silly spirit a while longer



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Quinn,

    Happy Birthday!! And a solid "What's up brudda?" to you!


    Aunt Jess and Uncle Mahkie 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    And….. I cried like a little baby reading this.
    Thanks for that buddy!

    PS- I'd also like you to add a pic to that post of the screw. LOL you know which screw I"m talking about! I have the pic if you need it!
    XOXOX- Texas Kim

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