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It’s about time!



So I’ve been ridiculously off the blog radar. I don’t understand how stay-at-home moms or even working moms have the time for full time blogging! I find myself oddly busy for someone who doesn’t work outside the home!

Anywho, I will post tomorrow about kid stuff (including a ridiculous 3 year old). But tonight I want to blog about my 21 day cleanse. Today is day 7.

I decided to do this cleanse because my weight loss hit another plateau and I knew my body has had enough. I’ve been doing the same things I was doing the last time I had to lose weight (2003) and it wasn’t working anymore. A lot about my body has changed since 2003. I have had 3 children. Including twins. My body, my hormones, and my metabolism don’t know what they’re supposed to do anymore!

Why Kathy Freston’s 21 day cleanse? Well, as you may remember, I read her book “Veganist” and fell in love with Veganism again as an idea. For years I was a vegetarian but thought Veganism was ridiculous. However, something speaks to my spirit about Veganism now…Maybe because I’m a mother…something has changed.

Anyway, I wanted to choose a cleanse that seemed intense but realistic. For 21 days I’ve given up the following: caffeine, sugar, gluten, alcohol, and animal products. I figured alcohol and animal products would be a no-brainer, no problem, caffeine would be intermediately hard, and sugar and gluten would be tough- but for different reasons. I have a sugar addiction, which I didn’t realize the extent of until Day 1, so I knew that would be at least challenging. Gluten, I assumed, would be tough because I know gluten is in EVERYTHING. It’s used as a protein and a filler…It’s extremely processed. It’s the protein removed from wheat (’tis the gluten from wheat hehe)… More on the process of making gluten here.

Day 1: I woke up at 445 to head to the gym. Half way through the workout I realized I wouldn’t have my after-shower cup of coffee. I instantly got annoyed. I only have one cup of coffee a day so I figured I’d get over it. I was wrong. I got home from the gym and half way through my brown rice, almond milk, and dried cranberry breakfast I was smashed with a nasty headache and a horrific attitude. That’s when it hit me how addicting caffeine is. One measly cup a day was enough to keep my flesh happy.

I napped while the kids were napping that day. I don’t know that I had any other choice. Anyone wanting to try the cleanse should start on a Saturday. That’s my recommendation.

By evening on Day 1, a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety came over me. Then, again, it hit me- sugar. This is the time of day when I’d indulge in some plain graham crackers with nutella, a leftover cookie, or some other carby sugary delight. Not tonight. I felt like absolute crap and went to bed. “Fu*k this” I thought.

Day 2: Morning! When my alarm went off I realized that I didn’t toss and turn at all the night before. Then I realized that I DIDN’T realize tossing and turning was something I had done. Could this have been from no sugar or caffeine to eff with my body? Time will tell. While I had the slightest hint of a headache left, the trainwreck in my brain had been cleaned up. Notice how Day 1 I didn’t complain at all about gluten? Turns out gluten and sugar go together too often, and carbohydrates that are gluten free (like rice and beans) are more filling.

Day 3: More of the same but I started to do something that can only be described as awaken. I felt clear and energized. This was exciting.

Day 4: My birthday. Long story short. I worked at Mr. Mikes and ate NOTHING that they cook- which is good. My mom bought some ice cream to share for my birthday which I treated myself to, along with 2 pc of wonderful chocolate. The icecream was SO SO…wont get it again (red velvet cake by ben and jerrys) and….I SLEPT LIKE SHIT! That ice cream was the first sugar I had in 4 days and my body CLEARLY rejected it (thanks body!)

Day 5-7: I had some chocolates left which I limited myself to 3 pc a day. Then I realized some cravings were returning. I put the chocolate in the freezer to save for when the cleanse is over- victory.

14 days to go!

I’ve been eating avocados nearly every day. Essentially it’s the only fat I’m getting. Days like today, when I had no avocado ( sad face) I ate some extra almonds. Fat is insanely satisfying and fat doesn’t make you fat- so that’s that. hehe. Avocados on salads, in sandwiches (made with brown rice bread) or mashed up in guacamole to be eaten with gluten free rice crackers, or tortilla chips (corn tortilla chips like most are) are so great.

I encourage everyone to find a cleanse and try it…….I think I might have a gluten sensitivity, but that will only be determined at the end of the cleanse when I try to put it back in my body.

We shall see 🙂


ps- I could very well stay vegan at this point. More on that later.

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