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Boys oh Boys



Hey fellow readers!

Boys are a funny species. What surprises me most about Aiden and Quinn is that, although I always wanted just 2 boys, it never occurred to me that 2 boys wouldn’t be alike haha. And, if you’ve ever spent a millisecond in my house, you’d learn that Aiden and Quinn might just be polar opposites.

While Paige is the spitting personality image of Quinn at this age, Aiden is SO different and so-peaceful. Sure, he gets his fair share of toddler hair-pulling and poking in, but he has so much of his father’s personality in him. He’s so “whatever.”

Now, Scott’s dad tells me that Scott was a wild little boy, which helps to account for Quinn’s insanity. However, Scott now is a giant teddy bear. EVERYONE who talks to me about him mentions how laid back and mellow he is for a large fella- and that’s how Aiden is. Aiden doesn’t get lots of attention in this blog or even in pictures because he likes to keep a low profile. He’s a “fly under the radar” type of guy. It’s just this type of personality that made me say to a friend, “Aiden requires the least physical maintenance of all my children, but he will likely require the most emotional maintenance.” Aiden is, as I always mention, devastatingly sensitive. His huge brown eyes fill with tears at mention of the word “no” and he shrieks in terror when someone gets too close to his personal bubble. But , he gives the best hugs and will sit contently for long periods of time. Eons compared to “the other two” lol.

I used to say that Paige was our bonus child because I wanted 2 boys. However, it’s clear to me that Aiden is the bonus, because he brings a bit of peace to my day and a snuggle when needed 🙂

I love you Aiden! Thanks for giving me a break- please don’t wear black eyeliner and black lipstick in high school……..

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