Book Review: The Eden Trilogy (Nicole Williams)

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Book Review: The Eden Trilogy (Nicole Williams)



The Broken Leg Reading Express is full steam ahead. In the 3 weeks since I broke my leg I’ve finished 6 books. “Wintergirls,” which I’ve already reviewed, “The Eden Trilogy,” which I’ll review tonight, and the “Slammed” series (Colleen Hoover), which I’ll review tonight or tomorrow.

The Eden Trilogy is comprised of “Eternal Eden,” “Fallen Eden,” and “United Eden,” and is written by Nicole Williams. It’s a paranormal romance following Bryn Dawson, a college student, and her not-so-normal love story with William Hayward.

I will say, it took me a good 30{43d0d1614ecc8ec385b3ea9940a88627e26eaf9be88a0641399e0be0c80ef276} of the first book to feel like I was on even footing. Part of that was due to things happening in the first book, that don’t happen until later in other series (major character changes, definition of good and evil). We’re lead to take a lot for granted until we’re given background information. This irritated me at first. In fact, I emailed the friend who recommended the book and said, “Does this get better?” She assured me it did- and she was right. In retrospect, when reading the first book, we’re just as confused as Bryn was when she was going through everything she goes through, and we learn things as she does. The rest of the series has a much more melodic flow.

While the male and female leads are formulaic (in a good way) regarding paranormal romances, the development of the paranormal “world” was well done. Details were well thought out, believable, but not overwhelming. Secondary characters, which are typically handled with caution in most romantic stories, are handled with authoritative zeal in this trilogy. They don’t take over the story, but they are well developed enough to make you care about their own lives, and how there lives intertwine with our lovers. This particular trilogy has a “spin-off” called, “The Patrick Chronicles,” the first book is called “Fissure,” and it’s based on the brother of the male lead, Will. I will be reading “Fissure” asap, and the conclusion of the series is due out shortly.

The trilogy follows the typical arc and, for me, that means that the 2nd book, “Fallen Eden,” was my favorite. There is lots of action, lots of drama, and no need to rush to resolution. And, importantly, it leaves you wanting more.

The thing I appreciated most about the third book, “United Eden,” is that where the ending would take place in most books, “United Eden,” continues on a little more- allowing us to bask in the resolution for a while.

People who enjoyed “The Twilight Saga,” will find comfort and familiarity in this series. However, this series takes it a step further. It starts in a place where “Breaking Dawn” ends. This series is about the life in a paranormal world, not trying to break in to it. This is why people who found “The Twilight Saga” slow, would also enjoy this series.

Soooo, check out The Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams for a beautiful love story that will leave you seeing sapphire 🙂


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