Happy Valentine’s Day! Look! There’s a teaser inside ;)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Look! There’s a teaser inside ;)



Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers!

I can’t believe it, but on the eve of the day of love and swooning, my author page on Facebook reached 1500 likes! You guys are awesome. I hope most of you have checked out “Brandee’s Book Endings” for a giveaway. If not, check it out now!

Also, don’t forget to check my last post for the Ten Days of Perfect trailer, made by Janna Mashburn. It’s swoony.

Well, on to it. I suppose you’re thinking “enough blabbing lady, give me a teaser!” Well, here it is.


** The last teaser you’ll get before Reckless Abandon is released on March 15 **


“What she said . . . that how you feel? Do you feel like I abandoned you?” I almost whisper.

Bo’s eyes start at my knees, bare from my skirt, and swim up the length of my body before he stands, regarding me with tenderness. Our bodies are inches apart; the space between them filled with tension, anger, passion, and promises of forever. I relax my arms and place my hands on the desk behind me. My pulse drums a familiar beat, allegro in his gaze. 

His voice is husky and serious as he opens his beautiful mouth. “What I did to you, November, is inexcusable. I abandoned you by not being honest with you. Ainsley assumed I’d come running to her, and I haven’t.  She’s threatened that you work here and will take every opportunity to try to mark what she thinks is her territory.” 

Bo and I ignore the boundaries I clearly set last week as our bodies buzz inches from one another in silence.  We’re in a vacuum; ignoring the past and disregarding the future. I feel his hot breath against my mouth and I close my eyes for a second, reviewing my options for action, before turning my head to the side.


Without further instruction he heads for the door while I wait for feeling to return to my legs. 

 xo lovelies


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