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In The Stillness



Hi friends!

Many of you know that I’ve been working on a stand-alone, contemporary fiction project. It happened like this: I finished my first draft of Reckless Abandon a couple days before Christmas, and sent it off to my beta readers. Twiddling my thumbs I thought, “what to do?” I read a couple of books that you should all read (Just Remember To Breathe, A Song for Julia, Dirty Red, and Champagne Toast), and had to write again.

Then, I was chatting with Charles Sheehan-Miles, an author friend of mine, and said “people always tell me to write a book about motherhood because I’m so funny. But . . . my book about motherhood wouldn’t be funny, and, I don’t want to write a book about just motherhood.”  He simply said, “Sometimes you have to write about the most awful thing you can think of.”

So, I started writing. Thousands upon thousands of words poured out of me PER DAY. I’m almost done. It goes to the editor on March 11 (4 days before Reckless Abandon is being released) and will be released in April sometime.

I give you, “In The Stillness.” Here is the Goodreads link. Please add it to your TBR. I’ll do a cover reveal as soon as I can 🙂




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